Why Certus?

The Certus label is a guarantee for strict standards, inspections and mainly for far-reaching traceability. Only in this way we can guarantee constant quality to purchasers of Certus pork at home as well as abroad.

Mission - Vision - Values

Belpork vzw aims to promote the consumption and image of Belgian pork by means of management and certification of the Certus quality label (fresh meat).


Working in a market-focused way is our motto. Whereas in the past Belpork vzw mainly targeted rational elements such as food safety and traceability, from now on more sustainable aspects are also taken into account. Attention for the environment and animal welfare fit in with our broader vision of socially responsible production. Here it is important to place the entire quality procedure in the spirit of the times, subject to constant monitoring of the balance between the costs and added value for the Certus stakeholders.


• Democratic
Belpork vzw is a democratically managed organisation. All parties in the entire production column are involved. Participation and consultation are the cornerstones of the Belpork vzw operation.

• Correct
Belpork vzw does not want to make empty promises to consumers. The standards and conditions that are imposed have to be adhered to in practice and be actually checked.
The Certus specifications describe these standards and conditions for being able to take part in Certus. The rules of the game (general operation, liability, sanctions) are laid down in the Certus regulations.

• Transparent
As a modern organisation, Belpork vzw emphasises transparency and openness in its policy. In this way, as an organisation we do not just want to make manifest what we are doing, but also to increase accessibility for the grass roots. This openness is noticeable on various levels: for example, it means involving all chains in the advisory board, as well as using a clear communication style.

• Customer focus
Belpork vzw puts the customer centre stage. In addition to consumers, Belpork vzw considers each Certus participant as a client as well.