Codiplan vzw

On 4 October 2006 vzw Codiplan was founded by the three agricultural organisations Boerenbond, Algemeen Boerensyndicaat and Féderation Wallone de l’Agriculture. The objective is to manage the Sector Guide for primary animal production and the main focus is on agricultural businesses that want to obtain a self-inspection certificate. Furthermore Codiplan vzw also addresses all buyers in the primary animal sector who accept the self-inspection system in their dealings with their suppliers. Through research into the exchangeability of the self-inspection Sector Guide with foreign standards, certified companies will also be able to work more easily in a broader European context. CodiplanPlus is part of the agreement on exchangeability with the German Q&S (Qualität und Sicherheit) Standard, in which animals can be supplied under both quality standards without additional inspection. CodiplanPlus should be used exclusively together with the G 037/G 040 Sector Guide for primary animal production and applies to pig farms that want to sell their animals to the German Q&S market. For sow farms that supply piglets to Certus fattening pig farms, Codiplan and CodiplanPlus are a set condition for Certus. Codiplan comprises the general part and the specific part for pigs of the G 037/G 040 Sector Guide and CodiplanPlus reviews a number of additional requirements. These additional requirements comprise legal (environmental) stipulations that are not included in the Sector Guide as well as extralegal requirements that are important for the Q&S market. It is the intention that the additional CodiplanPlus checklist is also included during the G 037/G 040 Sector Guide audit.

On this website you will find general information on pork, beef, veal and lamb meat. You can also consult the various cutting and cooking methods of these types of meat. In addition to recipes, cooking demos, practical cooking tips and convenient facts about meat you will also find food information, even for the very youngest among us.


On this website you will find more information on the Masterly label: history and image, the standards and inspection. Furthermore the promotion is elucidated and you can find recipes there.

Ovocom - Bemefa

All feeds purchased by Certus-approved pig producers (for piglets, sows and porkers) have to originate from GMP-certified manufacturers, except simple feed elements (raw materials) originating from other farmers. The GMP standard was set up by OVOCOM vzw, the consultation platform for businesses working in the animal feed chain. The main objective of this platform is to contribute to the production of safe animal feeds.

Bemefa acts as the Professional Association of Compound Feed Manufacturers.